Sarah Fannin, County Extension Agent

for Agriculture & Natural Resources


  What is Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR)?

 Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) is a program area of the Kentucky Cooperative Extenison Service.  Extension ANR programs are part of the outreach program of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.  We provide informal education in agricultural production and enviornmental stewardship.  Our programs make a diffierence in the lives of millions of Kentuckians through research-based education.

Working with our other land grant partner, Kentucky State University, we extend the resources of the University to the people in their local communities.  County Agents serve as the link between people in every Kentucky county and experts in the universities.  They coordinate and provide educational programs for the public through meetings and workshops, field days, personal communications, and web or satelite broadcast.  Agents also provide publications, newsletter, computer programs, wideos, and other educational materials.

Our office serves as a link to the University of Kentucky. Offering soil sample testing, manure sample testing, plant disease diagnosis, and various pieces of farming equipment. Stop by and see us today to learn more about how we can help you enhance your farming and gardening!


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Mountain Beekeepers Association

Meetings are the first Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the Morgan Co. Extension Service. For more information, contact Sarah Fannin at 743-3292 or Carl Alfrey, Association President at 725-5888.


Soil Testing

Soil testing is available at your County Extension Service. The Morgan County Extension Service charges $7 per sample. Supplies to take the sample are available at the office. To find out how soil sampling can help you click here. For information on how to take a sample click here or call the office.

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