Vernell Sheets

EFNEP Program Assistant

What is NEP (Nutrition Education Program)?

The Kentucky Nutrition Education Program will educate limited resource people to acquire knowledge, improve skills, and change behavior necessary to achieve health and well-being. With home visits, group meetings and other avenues, NEP is educating clientele on how to be a savvy yet wise shopper and cook.


The University of Kentucky Nutrition Education Program teaches how to:

  • Achieve and maintain good health
  • Eat five or more fruits and vegetables daily
  • Choose Foold low in fat and high in fiber 
  • Increase physical activity
  • Avoid running out of food
  • Prepare and store food safely
  • Make healthy food choices on a limited budget


Interested in learning more? Vernell is always looking for more families to join! Call the office at (606)743-3292 or you can also reach Vernell by email: